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ROBERT D. GRUBB, P.E. (Principle EE)
Mr. Robert GrubbRobert Grubb is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where he received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1970. He obtained the status of Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas in 1975. Mr. Grubb's background experience includes 11 years of substation design, transmission and distribution planning, and relay testing and maintenance for the City Public Service Board of San Antonio. Prior to his resignation, Mr. Grubb served as Chief System Protection Engineer.

Mr. Grubb formed Grubb Engineering, Inc. in 1981. All employees are professionals, selected for their knowledge and expertise in the various areas of service, which are provided. Grubb Engineering has had a role in the design of many different projects including water and wastewater facilities, electric transmission systems and substations, and industrial building electrical infrastructure.

Mr. Grubb is the author of several papers presented at the Annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers at Texas A&M University. Mr. Grubb is the Principal Engineer on staff, and heads the Engineering Department.