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Techincal Services: Shutdowns, Relay, Oil Sampling, Protective Device Calibration & Repair, Power Quality Analysis, Acceptance & Maintenance Testing, Infrared, Fault Investigation, Fabrication, Controls

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Grubb Engineering has provided over 24 years of reliable service to electric utilities, water utilities and industrial companies. With nearly 100 years of combined engineering and technical services experience, we provide an economical solution for your design and testing needs.

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Protective Device Calibration & Repair

A Doble F3S, Multi-Amp SR-76A, and JR-31 makes up the core of our relay test equipment. Protective devices ranging from simple motor overloads to sophisticated transmission and generation system relays can be tested using this equipment. In addition, a portable computer allows for the field-testing of all solid-state relays, which require programming.

Power Quality Analysis
A RPM Omega is used to monitor and capture the electrical parameters on a power system, including loads, voltage events, power consumption and overall power quality.

electrical equipmentGrubb Engineering, Inc. has offered acceptance and maintenance testing of low, medium, and high voltage electrical equipment since the company was originated in 1982. Mr. Robert Grubb, P.E. developed the Technical Services Division (TSD) of Grubb Engineering, Inc. knowing that there was a need to supply the customer with quality testing to ensure proper operation of their electrical systems. The TSD receives unmatched support from the Engineering Division of Grubb Engineering, Inc., which is headed up by Mr. Robert Grubb, P.E. We offer the latest testing techniques for all of your testing requirements. All of our equipment is calibrated and traceable to NIST.

low voltage breakerWith all of our equipment being transportable, including our high-current injection test set for testing low voltage breakers, all of our services can be performed either in our laboratory or at your facility. Grubb Engineering, Inc. uses NETA-ATS, NETA-MTS, IEEE, NFPA, and any other governing authority as testing standards. Some of the services offered are: thermal infrared scanning, power quality monitoring, substation testing and startup, transformer oil and gas analysis, transformer testing, switchgear testing, ground testing, operational testing, motor testing, cable testing, low voltage breaker load testing, load bank testing, generator and automatic transfer switch testing, relay calibration, switchgear retrofits, breaker retrofits, breaker repairs, and solid-state trip unit repair. These are only some of the many services that Grubb Engineering, Inc. provides. We offer service for scheduled outage and our technicians are on call 24/7 for you unexpected outages due to equipment failure. For the unexpected failures we have outside source of vintage and new electrical equipment ready for shipping and installation 24/7. For more information on the services we can provide please call our office and speak with Robert (Bobby) D. Grubb, Jr. or anyone from our Technical Services Division.

Grubb Engineering, Inc. (GEI) offers thermal infrared scanning using one of the latest generations in infrared technology, the FLIR Therma Cam P40. With its high thermal sensitivity it allows the operator to see clearly and accurately up to one hundred feet (100’). This state of the art, fourth generation camera delivers crisp, detailed, high-resolution digital thermal images. Optimized for outstanding radiometric performance, it can detect temperature differences as small as 0.08°C.

Infrared scanning is a low-cost and effective way to locate possible equipment failure or damage prior to the actual failure or damage occurring. An infrared scan should be completed while the electrical system load is at its normal level or higher. Infrared scanning affords you the ability to check electrical equipment without power interruption on the electrical system. Being able to scan the system without loss of power to your system loads provides for a cost effective way to check your system connections without the costly ‘down-time’.

With over twenty (20) years experience in the infrared thermography market, we have the skills, training, and electrical power systems technology background to identify potential problems within the electrical system. If a problem is detected, our field service technician will make any adjustments deemed safe, and if this is not achievable, a scheduled outage of your facility during non-productive hours will be necessary to complete the adjustment and/or repair. A scheduled outage for your facility is much less costly than an unexpected failure during productive time.

Consider establishing an annual thermal infrared scanning program at your facility. The cost for the
infrared scanning will be much less than that of a catastrophic and/or minor failure.




Grubb Engineering, Inc. (GEI) offers a service of post-fault investigation to help determine the cause of equipment failure. Although unfortunate, almost every facility will see some type or level of failure on the electrical power system. GEI offers Acceptance and Maintenance Testing to help reduce the exposure and lower the level of damaging faults. But, for the unfortunate time that a fault does occur, GEI can assist in the forensics for the fault that occurred. GEI investigates things such as: equipment integrity, operating procedures, maintenance schedules, personnel operating equipment, atmospheric conditions, surrounding operating environment, protective devices, etc.

A unique combination of Electrical Power Systems Engineering and a Full-Line Testing Division allows Grubb Engineering, Inc. the ability to analyze the fault, determine the cause of the failure, determine the amount of protection installed and required, propose a solution, assist in the ordering and installation of replacement equipment, acceptance testing the replacement equipment, and verify the integrity of the rest of the electrical system. As in many cases, GEI can be a professional witness or may assist you in you explanation of events to present to your property management company or insurance company. A thorough understanding of a fault is priceless in helping protect your system from future damage.